We serve vegetarian, vegan (yes, also desserts! ;-)) and gluten-free dishes, all homemade with love. If you have any allergies, please let us know and we will work something out. Check out our menu!

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What you eat

The products we use
Think global, act local really means something to us. We also like to be transparent. We make everything from scratch and quality goes first. We have carefully created our menu so there is food for everyone. If it’s fast food you’re looking for, we suggest you go to Burger King. It’s just around the corner.

We use, when possible, vegetables, fruit and herbs from the island. Luckily some of the other Canary Islands are greener and therefore yield a wider variety of vegetables and fruits. We also like to buy products from an ecological farm on Lanzarote. Furthermore, we have our own little terrace with herbs that of course flavour our best dishes and drinks.

The cheese we use is from Quesería Tinache in the village of Tinajo, near de National Park. The families of Mario Morales and Esteban Quintero have been making cheese for generations. They have won numerous prices with their cheeses.

Our house wine comes from the peninsula but all our other wines originate from the Island. We’ve made a selection of wines of which we think are the best. The bodegas we work with are Bermejo, El Grifo and La Grieta. And from time to time we also offer ‘guest wines’.

Being good Belgians, we can’t live without a good beer. We serve the best lager of Spain ‘Estrella Galicia’ on draft and in bottles we have a great selection of Belgian beers or try the local Jable – Malpeis, it’s a great blond beer produced in Tinajo. Salud!

Andy and Astrid from Andy Brot make their burger buns especially for us and we also use their brown bread. They bake the traditional German way and add no unnecessary ingredients to their dough. Plain and simple.